Friday, August 12, 2011

The fighter still remains...

Being unemployed has put me on the most bizarre sleep schedule.  With no real incentive to wake up at a normal hour, I end up sleeping until 11 AM, but staying up until 3 or 4 AM.  I would not quite call it insomnia, because I don't exactly have trouble falling or staying asleep.  I'm just on a really strange rhythm.  Hopefully that will change if and when I find a real job, but truthfully I have always been a bit of a night owl.  Anyone else on a vampiric sleep schedule?

Anyway, this has been a big week for those of us working to expose the law school/higher education scam.  First, we have the arrival of a new blogger, a professor sharing his or her insights on the scope of the scam from the inside, and at a first tier school no less.  Then, there was the announcement about the lawsuits against NYLS and Cooley.  (Check out some coverage of that here.)  I won't belabor these stories, as the other scam-bloggers have done an excellent job of covering the details.  (See the links on my blog roll.)  Suffice to say, I believe that momentum is on our side and, more importantly, I strongly believe that the truth is on our side.

Big news:  I have a legitimate job interview scheduled for Monday morning.  We will see how that goes.  I am slightly more optimistic about this position than about the prior ones, as this company actually sought me out rather than the reverse.  They found my information in a resume bank I signed up for shortly after I graduated.  Wish me luck!  Going on these interviews and getting rejected can be draining.  But for those of you who just finished the bar exam and are now going to be beginning the process of interviewing/getting rejected, there is a silver lining.  After the first ten or so rejections they stop stinging as much, mostly because they cease to be a surprise!  This is surprisingly liberating, and allows me to go about the process of applying for jobs with companies or organizations I know I will likely either not hear back from or not be selected for with an odd detachment.  (Although I will admit, there is something vaguely irritating about those form auto-replies that state that due to a high volume of applications they will only contact those people they wish to interview!)

On that note, I will leave you with my "unable-to-sleep" song of choice, which I find strangely appropriate in spirit if not in actual lyrical content.  :) I hope you are getting more sleep than I am tonight!


  1. At least you are getting interviews, and if you are getting interviews (plural) that is very good. It took 13 interviews before I found my current job, and the detachment you get after time is what happened with me too. Something else that helped was volunteering, which got me out of the house, helped my focus, and helped with networking. Volunteering helped a friend of mine too, as he focused on what he could do to help others in the community. Later, this volunteer work led to a job for him in an indirect way, and then to a much better job a year later, which he just received news about last week.

    Cheering for you from the sidelines. Good luck!

  2. The name for the non-insomniac night owl condition is delayed sleep phase syndrome, and it is fairly common.

  3. DJ, thank you for linking to that! I have always wondered why my natural rhythm is like that. The term "social jet lag" is a perfect description.

  4. Good luck, Rose! I promise you there are plenty of opportunities out there once you get out of the legal realm. I am surprised on a daily basis to find out how many non-legal and non-sales postings there are.

    It took me three weeks to find a non-legal job in Pittsburgh (in spite of my law degree). And once I got it, I kept getting calls about other interviews. Things will look up, just don't write off legitimate opportunities that are in a field you are unfamiliar with. You never know what will work out.

  5. Wait hold on a sec. Is Rose saying she's applying to non-legal jobs, and has an interview for a non-legal job? I'm confused. I thought the interviews were for legal jobs. Man, if they're not, that's really dire.

  6. Non-legal jobs. I'm actually not applying for legal jobs. The interview went well enough, and I sent in my writing samples so we'll see what happens.

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