Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Job Search Update

I thought I would take a break from depressing law school related posts to pop in and discuss my job search.

Some of you might recall that shortly after I graduated I had a phone interview for a position I really liked with a company I thought was a really good fit for me.  Sadly, they were looking for someone with experience I technically did not have.  I thought I had some skills that would translate well, but they did not seem to want to take the leap.  Which, I suppose, in an economic environment where the employer pretty much has the pick of the litter, is not irrational.

At the time, I decided not to burn the bridge.  I really like this company and the people I spoke to, and I thought it would be a good fit.  So I told them to keep me in mind for the future.  Lo and behold, a new position has opened up and the woman I spoke with at the time called me today and asked if I wanted to come in to discuss this position.  No guarantees, obviously, but I am cautiously optimistic that this might be something good.  She has spoken with me before, so she pretty much knows what she is getting.

I will keep you all updated as I hear things, but keep your fingers crossed for me!  I would say that this is the most promising lead yet!  I still have another interview pending, but I think this is one has more promise.


  1. I really hope this works out for you!

  2. Good luck! See? All that "networking" was soooOOO helpful.

    Go thank your overpaid career services officer.


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  4. Hi,
    I've never commented before, but I wanted to say that I'm glad for you! This sounds very promising indeed.

  5. Ditto. I got a job later at a company where I wasn't first choice. Has happened twice, and turned out well in the end. Good luck!!

  6. Thank you everyone! I will keep you posted.

    @3:00 AM whose comments I deleted - I do not allow sexist comments on this blog. If you have something constructive to say, I will be happy to allow you to post.

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