Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost Doesn't Count

I know this article is a few days old, but I am just seeing it.

It's a good article, overall, but like so many of the other articles in the mainstream media that touch on this subject, it falls short. Essentially, almost everything that the author says is true, but law degrees are not mentioned by name. She does say that degrees in finance or business are still in "hot demand" but I don't think that is necessarily true. I know a few people with advanced business degrees who have had a lot of trouble finding jobs, and an even harder time finding jobs that justify having gone to school and earned that degree.

In short, I wish the author had gone further with this, but when it comes to our "movement" all press is good press.

Sidebar: I was complaining to someone today about the dearth of law jobs and how frustrated I am that I have essentially locked myself into this profession. Her response: "Well, at least a law degree opens a ton of other doors. It is an asset in any field, really." For some reason, that particular line goes THROUGH me.

Question for readers: is there a particular line that you get that is your pet peeve?


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  2. Rose,

    I hate it when people hear that I'm a lawyer and then they ask, "what kind of law do you practice?"

    The general public assumes that every lawyer is not only rich, but also specialized.

    Instead of getting an answer, I proceed with a lengthy explanation of why I'm not practicing law. I haven't quite found a graceful way to say that I couldn't make it in the industry. And then I wait for the dumbfounded expression on their faces!

    It's actually fertile ground for spreading the anti-law school gospel!

  3. You're a lawyer, wow you make good money or I know you have a good job! Lol, literally.

  4. "But why do you want to do X for so little money? You'd be making much more money as a lawyer"