Friday, July 9, 2010

The end of the world as we know it...

Here's an article on one particularly abysmal legal market.

Once again, a swing and a miss in terms of getting to the actual point. The author comes extremely close to writing a great piece on the state of the legal market, at least in one city. Now I don't know if this is a flaw in the article or in the presentation/layout, but the site chose to use as it's photo/caption a picture of a smiling girl in a business suit, holding law books. The caption tells how this young woman was warned about a bad job market and yet still received multiple offers.

THAT is what the Philadelphia Inquirer thinks is the take-away from that article???


  1. Eh. Just goes to show that Journalism school teaches as much about what's really important in journalism as law school teaches law.

  2. I am in the metro Philadelphia legal market. "Atrocious" is an apt word to describe the situation here, one that can encompass parts of four states, depending on the definition. I for one, am not expecting a legal position or one in the field. Neither it seems are a number of others. If you choose to look up the Philadelphia Inquirer article, be sure to review the reader comments. "Scambloggers" are not the only ones thoroughly critiquing the professional prospects of lawyers and law graduates!

  3. The article begins with "For top law school students..."

    The scambuster movement in a nutshell(tm).

  4. I like to read reviews on articles to see what others think of it, one of the reasons why i frequently view your blog ! Good job