Friday, July 8, 2011

Can't make this stuff up...

This woman, a Wellesley graduate with an M.A. from George Washington University, is so overqualified for the positions that interest her that she has taken a job as a nanny in the Washington, D.C. area because she cannot even get interviews anywhere else.  In fact, the title of the article profiling her is "In a Down Economy, Overqualification is a Killer."

Her solution?  Law school.

I'm not trying to mock this young woman, or belittle her.  She has an impressive background and I am sure she is intelligent.  But is the solution for being overqualified for positions that interest you to get another degree?

Luckily there is still time for her to change her mind.  I sincerely hope that she either a) gets into Yale or b) realizes that more school is not always the answer, no matter how much she likes being a student.


  1. She's a fucking idiot. I wouldn't interview her either.

  2. Egads.

    Another clueless person defaulting into law school.


  3. P.S.:

    Just took a look--this kid's got a Poli Sci degree? They're still doing that, in this day and age? What is this, 1966????

    I don't feel sorry for her doing that silly shit. It's been out for quite some time now not to get these silly-ass degrees anymore unless you have the proper family connections.

    That's just plain stupid, not a bad economy.

  4. Check out my post on the topic:

  5. Pretty sad. I don't have the DC connections, but I have enough degrees right now to have marketed myself out of any jobs. I try to tell people to hold off on higher education, because it doesn't matter if you have the degree if you don't have the experience then you are screwed. Mostly because you need as many connections to get a job working a 8/hr job as you would for your career path. It is pretty humiliating to know you need more recommendations to work at a job you would have been able to do in high school. That is the job market. If she is working as a nanny in D.C. then she is networking at the highest level. She should stick with that before adding more education to an already overqualified resume.

  6. She is obviously so clueless she will fit right in with her fellow classmates in Law School.

    You go, girl!

  7. “I’m going to be 30, graduating with no money and all this debt and no job and I have no idea what the economy is going to be like in four years,” she said. “It’s a scary proposition.”

    She's smart enough to know what her future will be after law school. Let's hope she's smart enough to figure out that's a good enough reason not to go to law school.

  8. Here's a lesson for all you future parents: DO NOT allow your child to major in political science or some other fluff major unless that is what they want to do for a living, e.g., teach poly sci. This major, as well as history, humanities, etc. are a complete waste in this day and age. You need to make college count, not just float through. All those poly sci professors better start looking for another career because the university life that they've become accustomed to is coming to an end.

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