Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some sound advice

Here is some sound advice from TIME Moneyland.  There is really only one thing I would add.  At the end, Mr. Bissonnette suggests that people only pursue law school "if the career you are passionate about involves being a lawyer."  It's not that this is incorrect per se, but I would add that prospective students should also educate themselves about what being a lawyer actually entails before deciding law is their passion.  Most people have little or no idea going into the law school application process what their career will actually look like if they are fortunate enough to actually get a legal position upon graduation.

But that minor point aside, it is always nice to see mainstream publications picking up on and spreading this message to their readers.


  1. Just to give you a sense of how massive the fraud is. "Nationwide, there were only 26,239 job openings for lawyers, while 53,508 people passed the bar."


  2. People are starting to catch onto the scam. This is great news. Keep in mind that while the editors, publishers and owners of corporate fish wraps may be conservative farts, the reporters know friends and family who are being CRUSHED by student debt. You cannot hide the truth forever.

  3. Do you think it's a good idea for someone who has spent years working in a law office as a paralegal to not quit her day job and go to law school while still working. I know someone who is considering it. Thing is one of the associates at her firm used to be in a different profession and later became a lawyer in the 1990s. She figures it worked out for him so why not her? People, who have made up their minds usually don't listen to advice, but law is not my field, and this is something I'd like some input on.

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