Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cruel Summer, Part 2

Just in case anyone had any illusions that the job market is getting better for rising 2Ls and 3Ls: it’s not. The list of employers for various summer job fairs are starting to trickle in and the numbers are pitiful. It’s not like they were great last summer, but they are even worse this year. Employers don’t even have the pretense of hiring people for the foreseeable future. I can hardly wait for the train wreck that will be OCI this fall.


  1. A question, admittedly very peripheral to the discussion on this blog, but something that I've long wondered about: Why do people speak of "rising" 2Ls and 3Ls?

    Where did this phrase come from? What is it supposed to mean?

  2. A "rising 2L" is so called because he or she has finished 1L, is currently on summer break, and is not yet a 2L. The same goes for a "rising 3L" - it's just a 2L in limbo between finishing 2L and beginning 3L.

  3. Unemployement is such an epidemic. How are people suppose to live their lives without any income pouring in? God Help us in such times.