Monday, September 12, 2011

More Fraudulent Numbers... Is Anyone Surprised?

Apparently, the University of Illinois is currently investigating allegations that someone at the law school provided false admissions data about the incoming class of 2014.  The data in question was posted to the law school's website and included in at least some of its promotional materials.  An Associate Dean has been placed on probation pending the outcome of the investigation.

Read about the scandal here.

I'm glad that the University seems to be pursuing the matter.  You would think these schools would learn from the mistakes of their fellow money traps.


  1. Why is this story not getting 100% scamblog coverage? It's huge!

    Over at nontradlaw they have revealed the identity of the associate dean -

  2. More scambloggers need to jump on this one, and give it the coverage it so richly deserves! Good work, Rose.

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